What exactly is Market Research?



Many people mistakenly think that marketing is simply selling or persuading people to buy; with a little bit of advertising thrown in, however, marketing is far more than that. The following is a brief overview of the first component of marketing - market research and how this fits in as a vital part of the Marketing process. So often it is overlooked or avoided, yet it should be an ongoing process if you are interested in developing and maintaining a strong business focus. Market Research is where you find the answers to all your questions.  

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Should I start my own business?



At some time or other most people will consider working for themselves. Many people believe that to start a small business all you need is a good product, some money and a lot of determination.

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Are you interested in Network Marketing?



Most people have had an experience with Network Marketing (MLM) from years gone by. Many of those experiences are probably remembered to be not so rewarding. However, Network Marketing is a new game nowadays. The Internet has revolutionised the industry. The real problem is that there are a multitude of companies and programmes to pick from. That's why you need these simple principles to help you along the way.

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Setting Goals and Strategies



How to achieve them

Have you established your personal and business goals and strategies? If you are going into your own business then now is the time to set your goals and strategies. It is a good idea to draw a separate chart for your personal and business goals. 

A goal is………. where you want to go

At the top of a piece of paper draw a circle and write in that circle where you want to be in two years or better still five years.

A strategy is …………how you will get there

In individual circles, set down each of the steps you must take that will link to the top goal circle. At times, like in any business, the circles may first link to each other before they reach the goal.

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Advertising - are you getting it right?



No matter who you are or what business you are in, if you don't get your advertising right, from your business card to major TV promotions you might as well forget about building a successful business. The effectiveness of your advertising depends on the way you present what you have to offer to your potential customers.

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