Should I start my own business?



At some time or other most people will consider working for themselves. Many people believe that to start a small business all you need is a good product, some money and a lot of determination.

This is absolutely true, however, to add to that, you need knowledge, adaptability, understanding, patience, ability to take the hard knocks, more money, willingness to work long hour, planning skills, and so on and so on. If it all sounds too hard, maybe going into business is not for you.

Here are some positives for those of you who are determined to ‘have a go’, you have control of your earning ability, you are your own boss, you may be able to adapt your business to fit in with your family needs. You are able to work hours that are more suitable to you, and ofcourse, there is nothing quite like the feeling of success, knowing you did it your way.

I don’t want to dash your hopes but statistics suggest that over 70% of people don’t survive in their business after the first year and 90% fail by the fifth year.

Okay! You may say, but you’re different, and that may well be true. However, unless you are armed with as many facts as possible through thorough research both on and offline about the business you are going into, your chances are at best are the same as the 70%. If at this point you feel it is all too hard for you and you have changed your mind then you have done a good thing and saved yourself a great deal of grief, time, energy and money and this introduction has served it’s purpose.

Smart Business Online is not about motivation, it is dedicated to heading you in the right direction and expanding the knowledge and understanding you have about your proposed business.

From this point on you are in control, you will decide whether it will be worthwhile or not for you to carry on with your business concept or work through these modules. Regardless of which direction you may chose to move from your original idea,  your decision will be based on knowledge and not purely on emotions and this is a great starting point.


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